I’m Molly :)

If I’m following you it’ll say I’m following as my other blog, the—good—life

Q.) I love your blog!!

A.) Thank you so, so much! These messages make me smile every time and I really appreciate you sending me some tumblove :) I don’t have time to reply to all of them, but know that you made my day!

Q.) Will you check out my blog?

A.) Sure! But it might take me a few days. Let me know if you’re an art blog like me and there’s a greater chance I’ll follow!

Q.) Do you make the art on the blog?

A.) Only some things! I make the quotes in picasa and I change patterns and colors in photoshop.

Q.) How many followers do you have?

A.) 29,000+ of you amazing people. I had no idea my little side blog would grow into something this crazy! Love you all :)

Q.) Where’s your ask!?

A.) I was getting too many messages to possibly respond to when I had an ask, but you can still send me fan mail! If you’re following the—good—life you can message me there too :)

*DISCLAIMER: I try to include sources whenever possible, but sometimes the original artist isn’t included with the picture. If you see your picture on here and don’t want it included send me a message and I’ll take it down right away!